Wow – I was 25 Years Ahead of my Time

Yesterday I received an email from an old friend reminding me of my contribution to an event that took place 25 years ago. “we went to the Alarm UK conference in Manchester where some fellow was wittering on about the amount of energy being consumed to keep motorways lit and you suggested that windmills could be placed along the central reservation to harvest the vehicles’ wind.”  He then attached a link to this video


These appear to be an advanced form of Savonius rotor – the solution I proposed 25 years ago. These are named after a Finnish inventor who developed the basic design in the 1920s.

There are records of vertical rotor designs going back centuries, one of the more famous being Machinae novae  by bishop and engineer Fausto Veranzio of Czanad, Italy.

It is one of the easier wind generators to build in a shed at home using an oil drum or barrel cut in half.  These are readily available already cut in half as they are used to make barbecues or home food smokers.

In the past I’ve always found the Centre for Alternative Technology a good source of designs, plans and other information if you fancy building your own.  Their centre at Machynlleth in mid-Wales is always good fun to visit.
It’s located on National Cycle Route 8.

Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT)




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